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Help requested in customizing a fedora install

I am attempting to remaster/customize an FC3 install. While there tends to be some significant documentation on this subject, it all seems to revolve around adding packages, or updating existing packages (including http://rau.homedns.org/twiki/bin/view/Anaconda/AnacondaDocumentationProject, which has been referenced in this list a couple of times). What I am trying to do is "simply" remove quite a few packages from the stock distribution, and add a couple of additional packages.

Here is an outline of the steps that I have taken:
1) Performed an install of FC3, selecting a relatively minimal set of groups to install.
2) Taken the /root/install.log file as a listing of the packages that were installed as a basis for the custom "distribution"
3) Added a couple of packages (along with their dependancies) to the list.
4) Created a basic directory structure mimicking the Disk 1, ie:

The RPMS listed in the install.log, along with the additional packages were placed in the RPMS dir. The isolinux, images, and base directories are copies of the original FC3 disc 1. In addition, all of the top level files (README*, eula.txt, GPL, RELEASE*, RPM-GPG-KEY*, etc) were copied into the top level temporary directory.

5) Based on the content at http://bipolar.longbros.com/?p=10, I performed the following commands:
genhdlist --productpath=Fedora /tmp/fedora/i386

pkgorder /tmp/fedora/i386 i386 Fedora > /tmp/fedora/pkgfile

buildinstall --pkgorder /tmp/fedora/pkgfile ....

splittree.py ....

genhdlist --productpath=Fedora --withnumbers --fileorder /tmp/fedora/pkgfile /tmp/fedora/i386-disc[1234]

6) Using mkisofs, created an iso image, and then burned that onto CD.

Unfortunately, this is where things go wrong...

The CD boots, as expected. The initial ram disk is loaded, and the installer begins, and asks if I want to test the media. I specify "skip", at which point I get the following:
Running Anaconda, the Fedora Core Installer. Please Wait.
exec of /usr/bin/anaconda failed: no such file or directory

at which point, it unmounts everything, and indicates that it is ready to reboot.

I have also copied the stage2.img from the stock FC3 disc1 into the Fedora/base directory after performing the buildinstall. The CD that is created with that file prompts for install language and keyboard layout, followed by a prompt indicating No Fedora Core CD was located that matched the boot media.

So, at this point, I'm stumpted. I haven't modified anaconda, and I don't have a clue which file or directory it can't locate. Any thoughts/pointers would be greatly appreciated. If it helps, I can provide the complete list of RPMS that are being packaged. Note, I am trying to make this fit on a single CD, along with several kickstart configurations.

Thanks in advance!

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