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Re: installation problems in FC4

why is it always me who has these problems.. I guess that would explain why there aren't any bugs reported about it. Anyone have an idea how to track down the problem?


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Justin Zygmont wrote:
I want to post this message one more time since no one replied to it.
Has anyone experienced problems with FC4 right after the third ISO gets
mounted when doing an NFS install?  I'd like to try to find the problem,
but not exactly sure yet, how.  Any replies would be useful.

I installed two PCs with the NFS method. I had no problems. In my case I only have the four FC4 iso files in the NFS exported directory.

Along time ago there was a bug reported when vmware was used underneath
the FC installation.  It was a mystery because a "regular" non-vmware
install worked fine.  I hope these give you some ideas.


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