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Re: Forcing a package to get installed

Sure.. you could have the %pre section of your RPM remove 
/usr/lib/iiim/le/unitle/MALAYALAM/data/inscript.data.. Have your package 
contain  /usr/lib/iiim/le/unitle/MALAYALAM/data/inscript.data.custom, and 
the %post section would copy  
/usr/lib/iiim/le/unitle/MALAYALAM/data/inscript.data.custom to 

James S. Martin, RHCE
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anaconda-devel-list-bounces redhat com wrote on 08/29/2005 03:00:22 AM:

> Hello all,
> I have built an rpm (nila-kbd) for incorporating malayalam keyboard
> layout in FC-4. But this package has a conflict with the file
> /usr/lib/iiim/le/unitle/MALAYALAM/data/inscript.data which belongs to
> another package(iiimf-le-unit). So when I tried to install it using
> rpm it give some conflict errors. If I use --force it will work, it
> will get installed.
> My actual pronlem is I have to integrate this package into anaconda,
> then how can I force this package to get installed through anaconda
> any thoughts ??
> regards
> Manilal
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