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Re: Forcing a package to get installed

On Mon, 2005-08-29 at 12:30 +0530, Manilal K M wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have built an rpm (nila-kbd) for incorporating malayalam keyboard
> layout in FC-4. But this package has a conflict with the file
> /usr/lib/iiim/le/unitle/MALAYALAM/data/inscript.data which belongs to
> another package(iiimf-le-unit). So when I tried to install it using
> rpm it give some conflict errors. If I use --force it will work, it
> will get installed.
> My actual pronlem is I have to integrate this package into anaconda,
> then how can I force this package to get installed through anaconda
> any thoughts ??

Why not use triggers instead of %pre and %post?  We do this to replace
conflicting files, config files and many other things.  For example, we
have an RPM called "cisco-sysstat-disable" that triggers on sysstat.
sysstat insists on putting a cron job in place to capture sar data.  If
you run other utilities to capture sar data, the sysstat cron job is not
useful.  We found that hundreds of machines running the same sysstat
cron job at 10-minute intervals was causing our NIS+ servers running in
YP-compat mode to overload.

Anyways, triggers are not as well documented as %pre and %post, but
they're fairly simple.

%triggerin -- sysstat
do something here for installation

%triggerun -- sysstat
undo your changes here

This allows you to stop worrying about package order; in fact, the RPM
has no "Requires: sysstat" or "Prereq: sysstat".  It just runs the
trigger any time sysstat is installed or upgraded.  Also, the trigger is
run when this RPM is installed.

For example, if sysstat is already installed and you install cisco-
sysstat-disable, it runs the %triggerin section.  If cisco-sysstat-
disable is installed first and systat gets installed later, the
%triggerin section runs.  Either way you're all set.

When either systat or cisco-sysstat-disable are uninstalled, the 
%triggerun section is run.

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