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Re: Grub not getting installed


In my case, i've 2 customised distros:-
1. FC3 with updated packages
2. FC3 with lots of packages removed, fit into single
CD, edited and rebuilt comps.xml and comps.rpm

both are getting installed and working fine but the
bootloader is not getting installed. What i do
presently is take original FC3(not updated or
anything) CD1 and after installation of my customised
FC3, I use this to boot into rescue mode. There I
'grub-install' to the mbr.

But I would like to have the Installation do this as
it ought to. Any ideas?

P.S. I get the problem on all machines!

--- fonteneau <fonteneau dynetcom fr> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've get with the same problem one month ago.
> Have you make your own distro FC3 with Fedora
> updates or have you put
> first CD's RPM ?
> The problem was the same when i've tried to install
> the distro with FC3
> CD directly with updated RPMs, but what is strange
> is that i've get the
> problem only on one server on not on others
> Vincent
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