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pylibparted 0.9.0

pylibparted 0.9.0 is the first version of pylibparted that has a fully
functional test framework (it     can be improved, of course). This
version also has pydoc documentation strings for all classes and
methods. The project home page is http://pylibparted.tigris.org.

pylibparted 0.9.0 tarball is available from:


pylibparted 0.9.0 is also available in the RPM (for FC4) and SRPM formats from:


The SHA1 checksums are:

22c40a70ff378d21743bc83914da80da7557bb89 pylibparted-0.9.0.tar.bz2
80f436fc1ba143a2a976265c696b94f871f318c8 pylibparted-0.9.0-1.i386.rpm
e2aa03d24145ddacb4a40297f7f081967433676b pylibparted-0.9.0-1.src.rpm

The API documentation for pylibparted 0.9.0 is available from:


Please, use the issue tracker or the proper mailing list to provide
any kind of feedback (suggestions, questions, bugs, and so on :-).

-- Ulisses

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