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Re: system-splash.png and derivatives

Alan Milligan wrote:

Yes, much of the anaconda build process is crufty - someone should have
been censured for calling shell scripts from a high level programming
language with excellent data structure support....

While unlikely to win any converts here,

It should

> YAST is a much more technically
coherent solution with an excellent C++ framework - it's also recently
been open sourced ;)

It's not just an installer, it also provides a central core for configuring everything.

It's very much what I was arguing for (without knowing it) on Nahant recently.

I don't like everything about it, but I do like that there is one place to look for configuration tools, and I do like that it runs on a Linux console and in X-windows.

I went ahead and did the quick change
so that a package named 'system-logos' is acceptable also.  Hopefully
that should help a bit.

Unfortunately, the renaming the package doesn't buy us anything.  We
have distro's for bastion-logos, gamut-logos, enchant-logos etc etc -
all with differently branded/logo'd installers.  buildinstall needs to
determine which of these we might be building simply from the RPM's
we've placed into the RPMS directory and generated the hdlist from,
hence using the %{PROVIDES} tag.

Can't we have "system-logos" that everyone, RH/F included, replaces for their own branding>



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