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Re: Problem with CD based install.

John McLean wrote:
This probably isn't the place to post this, but I didn't get any
response from the kickstart list so maybe no one has seen this before.
Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I'm a kickstart newbie and I'm having a problem I haven't been able to
find any reference to on the net. Hoping someone might point me in the
right direction:

1.) Created cdrom based install cd.
2.) On boot up I get:
On vert term 1, gui based "CD not found" "The blah blah CD was not found"
                                  "Please insert CD and press OK"
                                  "Ok" "Back"
        On vert term 3 "trying to mount CD device hda" every time you

It's unusual for a CD drive to be hda: is this the problem?


The system has booted from my cd and the cd is still in the drive, it
never gets ejected or anything. My understanding is that we've gone
through the first phase of the install and it's trying to remount the cd
to read the ks.cfg file and start loading rpms.

Could anyone point me at the document to read to understand what I'm
seeing. My ks.cfg is as attached.

Thanks in advance.



# CRMS 30 anaconda/kickstart configuration - mgmt.test1.cablerocket.net

I'm not sure that we need every last detail of the ks file cluttering out mailboxes, but it might be handy to know how you're telling Anaconda where to find the ks file.



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