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Package updater + Dependency resolver

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This is slightly off topic but I believe people on this list can
Pease let me know if anyone belives this discussion belong elseware.

I'm looking for a tool, or more likely, a process (as elegant as
possible) that will look into a directory containing nothing but
RPM packages and
(1) download all of the latest versions of the packages
(2) Check and resolve (by downloading required packages)

I have found parts and pieces out there that do most of this.  If
an all inclusive tool or process exists I haven't found it yet.

One method I'm playing with (pretty ugly) goes something like this:

(1) Utilize an "alternate" RPM DB as suggested by Brett Schwarz:

cd RPMS; mkdir /tmp/testdb; rpm --initdb --dbpath /tmp/testdb;
       -- rpm --test --dbpath /tmp/testdb -Uvh ./*.rpm

(2) Then force rpm to use the "alternate DB (as cleanly as
possible) so yum will work on what is in the alternate DB (which is
really the list of RPMs in my directory) instead of what is
actually installed on the host system:
echo "%_dbpath /tmp/testdb" >> ~/.rpmmacros

(3)  yum check-update | grep updates | grep -v "^Setting up Repo" >
Then do some perl/rpm foo on proposed-updates.txt to create a wget -
- -input-file.

(4) Get the updates with wget

(5) Repeat (1) etc...

I came across a post that mentioned a --download-only option that
existed in previous version of yum but is now missing in action...

Anyway,  if anyone has thoughts or pointers pleasse let me know.

Earl Sammons

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