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What do the various parts (genhdlist, pkgorder etc) really do ?

What are genhdlist, pkgorder, splitdistro really supposed to do ? I
can see how to call them and I've read the docs at
but I haven't yet seen a idiots guide to anaconda.

In particular, what I'm interested is going to need to modify some of
these programs/scripts but I'm not sure which ones to start hitting

What I want to do is build an "underlay/overlay installer". An easy
means of distributing update CDs that simply install on top of a
pre-built FC cd. I don't want to have to rebuild/reburn the FC cd (or
other distribution) just because I want to replace one/add additional
packages on it.

Here's what I think I've got to do :

 1) Mount the FC ISOs as loopback.

 2) Copy the .diskinfo, comps, hdlist* files to my workarea.

 3) build a modified anaconda,

 4) put my modified rpms in my workarea

 5) write a program that takes the files from #2, combiining the files
from #3 and #4 and builds a new superset comps/hdlist* files.

 6) build new ISO containing #3, #4 and #5.

The user would boot from this new CD. It means I can make the smaller
ISO available over the net, working with an already downloaded
(vanilla) FC iso.

Stupid idea ? Missing something ? Any pointers ? Feel free to beat me
around the head with a clue stick.


richard offer @ gmail                   "Specialization is for insects"

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