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Re: modifying redhat-logos.rpm

bhavin dalal wrote:
hello everyone.

i am trying to modify the red hat logos and want to make my own redhat-logos.rpm.

i dont know how to modify it because .png file cannot be patched.
please tell me how to do so.

i do have redhat-logos.src.rpm with me.
i had untarred the redhat-logos.bz2

now please tell me how to proceed further...

please give me list of commands that i need to execute.

I presume you want a package you can distribute in place of redhat-logos.

_I_ would create a set of equivalent images (maybe using the Gimp), and try creating a package my-logos that "provides redhat-logos."

I expect (but have not tried) that the "provides" would make my package a drop-in replacement for redhat-logos.

btw I believe The Gimp can indeed modify PNG images, but to avoid allegations of fowl (cluck cluck) play I'd start from scratch, creating my own images the size, format and name of the RH images.



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