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custom fedora anaconda error

         I built a custom fedora3 cd and wrote a CD. After booting
isolinux anaconda pukes an "invalid modeline" from monitor.py in line
409, which was called by rhpl.monitor, called by xsetup.py... . (I
don't have rhpl or pyxf86config or xorg on my custom build's RPMS
folder btw - its a custom build for booting in text mode only post
install.. ) and I haven't modified anaconda either so i did not run

Earlier it worked upto a point beyond this - when I prepared a
customed CD with <mydist>/RPMS instead of Fedora/RPMS heirarchy - it
allowed me to launch anaconda with linux vga=791 at boot install
prompt, choose lang etc and stopped failing to find a  Fedora CD,
despite adding and modifying manually a .discinfo file to point to
<mydist>RPMS and <mydist>/base ....

Any timely tips will be most appreceated - I slogging over the weekend
to fix this.


Nonchalantly yours
[Every thing but Gobbledegook.. !!]

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