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Re: PATCH - software raid for ppc on installation

On Thu, 2005-05-05 at 19:23 -0400, Dustin Kirkland wrote:
> The attached patch enables the setup of software RAID on IBM PowerPC
> installations.  The functionality was overwhelmingly already present,
> however a few things had to be enabled for this platform, and a few
> additional sanity checks seemed a good idea...

Cool, thanks for the patch.  Some comments below.

> The following changes were necessary and are represented in the attached
> patch:
> 1) The prepbootFileSystem must have the PARTITION_BOOT flag and ppc must
> be listed in the raidBootArches

The first seems okay.  The second might be a little bit more
questionable.  How does having a RAID /boot work on Mac and iSeries?
Actually, I guess it's irrelevant for iSeries since everything is on
sides or NWSSTG.  So the main question is about Mac.  And adding ppc and
ppc64 is overkill, we just use the simple arch for checking against
(which is always ppc)

> 2) All PReP partitions must be the first partition on their disc--not
> 'at least one of them', if you want to be able to automatically failover
> to boot off of another disc.  This involved a little rearranging of
> tricky little hack in autopart.py.  Somebody please sanity-check my
> change here...it does what I want it to do, but I certainly don't want
> to boondoggle someone else (ie another platform).  I think this should
> be contained only to PPC, but have a look and see what you think.

Instead of nesting if's here, it'd be better to use something like
if req.fs = prep
  do stuff
elif req.isBootable()
  different stuff
  last clause

Also, why didn't you just make it so that all of the PReP requests show
up as being bootable?  That seems like it could avoid making the logic
in the autopartitioning code more confusing (and thus, would be a win)

> 3) Additionally, if you choose to RAID your /boot partition, the only
> level that makes sense (to me anyway) is RAID1.  So I added a check in
> the anaconda gui that ensures this.  Note that this will affect all
> platforms, but this seems sensible to me.  I don't know of any
> bootloaders that are able to read anything other than a mirrored RAID
> filesystem.  Correct me here?

This is already handled -- see the sanityCheckRaid method of the
RaidRequestSpec in partRequests.py.  

> ...
> 4) Additionally, this functionality also depends on a separate patch
> I've submitted to the yaboot-devel list.  That patch will handle the
> writing of yaboot to each and every PReP partition, as well as adding
> the functionality needed for the bootloader to read filesystems marked
> as "Linux RAID".

Cool, the latter part may make the Mac question above moot.  And then
someone else can write the code to mirror the AppleBootstrap partition
for that platform :-)


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