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lvm volume goup pe size limitation



Included a patch to modify /usr/lib/anaconda/fsset.py to assign by default pesize to 32Mo as it is mentioned in new version of vgcreate man extract below.


“To limit kernel memory usage,  there  is  a  limit  of  65536  physical

       extents  (PE) per logical volume, so the PE size determines the maximum

       logical volume size.  The default PE size of 32MB limits a single logi-

       cal  volume  to 2TB (see the -s option to change that limit).  There is

       also (as of Linux 2.4) a kernel limitation of 2TB per block device.”


Without this patch max volume group is 65536*4Mo (hardcoded in anaconda) which is about 256Go.

Since RHEL 3.0 update 1, we can set pesize option on volgroup from ks but default value to 32Mo should be great.


Could you apply this patch on current?



David Maciejak


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