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Re: Anaconda and tty2

On Tue, 2006-01-31 at 10:28 -0500, Matt Wilson wrote:
> > I see that there is something called a build-locale-archive trying to be
> > used from anaconda. My distro does not have such a locale archive.
> Right.
> > What exactly is anaconda trying to get from locales? where does it look
> > for for and what comprises of a correct locale/locale archive in terms
> > of anaconda? maybe i can hack out little details of it?
> It needs locale data so that can properly display text.  When you are
> dealing with multibyte encodings (such as UTF-8) for messages, you
> have to know things like how to sort characters and how wide (in
> screen cells) the characters take up with displayed.  That information
> (and more) comes from the locale data.

In concern with locales, the system should be able to handle UTF-8
encodings only because anaconda specifically depends on it, Right?

So build-locale-archive technically builds
a /usr/share/locale/locale-archive which anaconda uses. Now how can I
trace whether the booting system has UTF-8 encoding enabled?

How can i view the contents of a local-archive file? Can it be that, i
could use a local-archive built for a different distro and use it in my
customized system?

I am currently facing issues with locales i believe. What would you
propose to get myself a working locale during anaconda build stage
considering the thought of not using a build-locale-archive.

localedef is the one that updates the locale-archive file?


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