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[PATCH] create corresponding /dev node for /dev/root creation

For iscsi install work, current partition dev nodes are being created
under /tmp rather than /dev, like /tmp/sda5. In short this causes the
os.stat() in mkDevRoot to fail.

So, create the corresponding /dev entry prior to the creation of

I think in this case the creation of the /tmp node is done in the call to
makeDevInode via the PartitionDevice setupDevice method, but I did not
verify that; changing it to default to /dev could fix this particular
case, but it looks like there might be other cases that could still break.

diff -uprN -X /home/patman/dontdiff anaconda-10.91.12/fsset.py iscsi-anaconda-10.91.12/fsset.py
--- anaconda-10.91.12/fsset.py	2006-02-01 14:13:48.000000000 -0800
+++ iscsi-anaconda-10.91.12/fsset.py	2006-02-03 10:12:39.000000000 -0800
@@ -1275,6 +1275,7 @@ MAILADDR root
     def mkDevRoot(self, instPath):
         root = self.getEntryByMountPoint("/")
         dev = "%s/dev/%s" % (instPath, root.device.getDevice())
+        isys.makeDevInode(root.device.getDevice(), dev)
         rdev = os.stat(dev).st_rdev
         os.mknod("%s/dev/root" % (instPath,), stat.S_IFBLK | 0600, rdev)

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