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[PATCH] 00/05 add iSCSI install support to anaconda

Hi Jeremy - 

Following are patches adding iSCSI install support to anaconda, patched
against anaconda-10.91.12, and tested with FC devel snapshot of Jan 2.

This is basically a resubmit of previous code, with a clean up of some
code in iscsi.py and iscsi_gui.py, and the addition of text install

The patch does not currently support copying of iscsi config files needed by
initrd (or even normal iscsi startup), like /etc/initiatorname.iscsi or
whatever else is needed for initrd support.

Also, I don't think we need a kickstart for iscsi (each installed system
will have its own initiator name, though the target could be the same
across multiple installs).

With the make node change patch just posted and these patches, I was able
to install to iscsi storage, and manually verified that the installation

01-base-anaconda.patch:	add and use iscsi flag (in anaconda)
02-loader2.patch:	add and use iscsi flag (in loader2)
03-scripts.patch:	add changes to include iSCSI modules and commands
04-iscsi-core.patch:	iscsi.py, and add calls/use of other iscsi modules
05-iscsi-gui.patch:	iw/iscsi_gui.py module and files
06-iscsi-text.patch:	textw/iscsi_text.py module

-- Patrick Mansfield

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