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Re: remove media check

Is it possible to pass this as a boot option?

My current boot options are specified in a custom isolinux.cfg

On 4-Feb-06, at 9:39 PM, Matt Wilson wrote:

On Sat, Feb 04, 2006 at 09:21:49PM -0800, Dustin Krysak wrote:
Hi there - I am creating a cusomized cd that will boot into a vnc
install (over the network) for computers with no keyboard/mouse/
monitor. Now i have a working disk EXCEPT for the fact I am asked if
i want to do a media check with the options to do it or skip it.
Problem is - i need a keyboard attached to press "skip". I was
wondering - is there a way to remove or disable the media check? I
know there is an option to enforce it (a boot option called
"mediacheck"), however from the docs i have found thus far, it does
not have a switch to disable it.

if you run implantisomd5 with "--supported-iso" on the command line,
it will skip the check by default.

Matt Wilson
rPath, Inc.
msw rpath com

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