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Re: Changing the default theme

i meant to say,  does anyone know how to apply a similar change to the KDE default theme?

On 2/5/06, abayomi onibudo <aonibudo gmail com> wrote:
Does anyone know how to applies a similar xhnage to the KDE default theme?

On 9/2/05, Manilal K M <manilalkm gmail com > wrote:
On 8/23/05, Manilal K M < manilalkm gmail com> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
>   I don't know whether this query is an offtopic. However I need
> information regarding it.
> I have custom compiled the FC-4 and installed it sucessfully with the
> great help from anaconda-devel-list.
> Now I need to change the default theme clearlooks to "Simple". I
> edited the patch associated with redhat-artwork
> (redhat-artwork-0.121-clearlooks.patch ) and the file
> "redhat-artwork-0.122 /gtkrc1-skel" and changed them to "Simple".
> However I noticed NO change in the theme. After Logging in I still get
> the default Blucurve icons and Clearlooks theme. Kindly advice.
> regards
> Manilal
Finally I have founded the solution. the theme is configured using the
package libgnome.
You need to edit only two patch files to change the default theme:


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