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Re: [PATCH] 00/05 add iSCSI install support to anaconda

Overall, this is looking pretty good.  There are some relatively minor
changes that would be good to see before actually committing things.

On Fri, 2006-02-03 at 14:01 -0800, Patrick Mansfield wrote:
> This is basically a resubmit of previous code, with a clean up of some
> code in iscsi.py and iscsi_gui.py, and the addition of text install
> support.
> The patch does not currently support copying of iscsi config files needed by
> initrd (or even normal iscsi startup), like /etc/initiatorname.iscsi or
> whatever else is needed for initrd support.

That's reasonable for at this point.  I've sent a set of suggestions to
Mike Christie on how to better structure the userspace tools so that
initrd support can be done in a sane fashion.  Having most of the
installer pieces already there and just having to write out a config
file should make it much easier to finish putting things together.

> Also, I don't think we need a kickstart for iscsi (each installed system
> will have its own initiator name, though the target could be the same
> across multiple installs).

Kickstart is still useful, though, as you could be generating your
kickstart configs from a database backend or something similar.  Not
something to hold up committing on, but would be good to get in

Comments on each patch separately.


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