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[RESUBMIT PATCH] 00/05 add iSCSI install support to anaconda

Hi Jeremy - 

I've made changes that should address all of your comments.

Patched again against anaconda-10.91.12, and again tested with FC devel
snapshot of Jan 2.

Besides addressing your previous comments, changes from last posting are:

- Use GPL rather than LGPL.

- Remove unused import logging and log statements

- Use i8n _("...") for all the text-install labels

- remove some commented out lines of dead code

The text and gui already display the default port value - I don't think
that was clarified.

It still does not have:

- support for copying of iSCSI config files needed by initrd (or even
normal iSCSI startup), like /etc/initiatorname.iscsi or whatever else is
needed for initrd support

- support iSCSI kickstart

- auto-select the iscsi-initiator-tools for installation (not sure how or
if this is possible)

The change to use execWithCapture is probably not handled as good as it
could be, the last time through the "for" loop, the line is always empty,
so I had to add the extra "if" check.

01-base-anaconda.patch:	add and use iscsi flag (in anaconda)
02-scripts.patch:	add changes to include iSCSI modules and commands
03-iscsi-core.patch:	iscsi.py, and call to init the iscsi class
04-iscsi-gui.patch:	iw/iscsi_gui.py module and files
05-iscsi-text.patch:	textw/iscsi_text.py module

-- Patrick Mansfield

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