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Re: Virtual consoles, Anaconda and the Macs

On Wed, 2006-02-08 at 11:50 +0800, John Summerfied wrote:
> I'm glaring at my Powerbook, the Powerbook asserting it can't find 
> essential files.
> How do I get to those virtual consoles to see what's really wrong?

I assume this is within anaconda. Even so it's really off topic for
anaconda-DEVEL list.  This should be on fedora-ppc-list (at infradead)
or fedora-list.

> Fedora project docs are pretty quiet on PPC.
> RHEL talks about iSeries, pSeries etc and says to use combinations with 
> the ALT key.
> I don't have an ALT key, and the command and option keys don't work in 
> its place.

You do the option key is equivalent, on my iBook it's even labeled with

You may need to use fn to get at the function keys, is this in X or
before hand?  If it's in X you'd have to use Ctrl-Option like with
Ctrl-Alt in X.

Try option + fn + F3

I'll confirm on my iMac when I get in.


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