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Re: : [PATCH] 01/05 add and use iscsi flag (in anaconda)

On Wed, 2006-02-08 at 16:51, Jeremy Katz wrote:
> > This is a development list - you should expect to see patches!
> Also, discussion of patches on the list is good for helping more people
> submit patches.  The list shouldn't just be about "how do I run
> genhdlist?"  I hope to see more discussion and patch review, not less!  
> Jeremy

I have to agree with Jeremy. I was quite interested to read Patrick's
patches. It's more interesting to me than the occasional mail asking how
to change the graphics in Anaconda (no offence to those who have asked
such in the past ;-).

Digging around in bugzilla isn't my idea of fun at the best of times.
It'd be nice to see some more discussion of Anaconda's development here
on the list rather than in that monstrosity :-)

(Obviously, I'd have no complaints with people opening an RFE bug and
attaching the patches there too, but it's nice to see the discussion
about them on the list.)

Howard Johnson

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