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Anaconda -> Kadischi

Just a quick question or two for you guys..
right now, using Kadischi (w/ Anaconda) fails when using a DVD disc as a "repository" source. What we call a repository in Kadischi is real simple, just repodata/, Fedora/{base,RPMS} is a repository. However.. when passing the method to Anaconda using any of these combinations:
1) cdrom://
2) cdrom://hdd://
3) /media/cdrecorder (or dvdrecorder, any mountpoint for the DVD)
4) hd://media/cdrecorder (or dvdrecorder, same, any mountpoint for a DVD)
always fails.

What I would like to do, and I ask for your opinion on, is getting a conditional into Anaconda's CdromInstallMethod at the very least. What I would like to see is "cdrom://" or "cdrom://hdd://" able to be used as a method. I've thrown some stuff around with Anaconda under FC5t2 to accomplish this, my question here is is adding simple conditionals into CdromInstallMethod (if flags.rootpath:) totally ridiculous? We always hit CdromInstallMethod if our method begins with cdrom, or cdrom:// or cdrom://hdd. Numbers 3, and 4 above fail in other methods, namely while parsing nfsinfo, for one. Though
I'll not discuss that right now.

Any suggestions, any bad things about doing this to enable DVD media under Kadischi?
rootpath is always passed (used) when using Kadischi (w/ Anaconda).

J. Hartline

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