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Re: Virtual consoles, Anaconda and the Macs

On Sat, 2006-02-11 at 17:51 +0800, John Summerfied wrote:

> > Powerbook do you have (what's listed in compatible in OF)
> The frunt, under the screen says "Powerbook G4." It's a 17" machine, 
> still current I think. There's no additional useful info behind the 
> battery (unless you want the serial number).
> OF says, "Apple Powerbook 5,1 1.4.2f1 BootROM nuilt on 02/18/03 at 14:40:21

Yeah that's what I wanted.

> I'm not going to swear up and down that I did exactly that before, 
> because the evidence is now against me. However, I certainly _did_ try 
> the fn key in some combinations after your previous email. After I 
> unplugged everything, inspected its insides, tried another powerbook 
> (didn't even want to boot off the LAN), put it back together, checked 
> its firmware etc etc it now does what it should. One thing I did do 
> different: at yaboot, I said "linux lang=en"
> I can agree on "stupid user" if you agree to "insufficent 
> documentation." Ok?

Sounds fair.  It's probably something I do just instinctively on that
system.  I'll conceed that it's not necessarily obvious.

> Now, I can what the real problem is, but not (yet) its resolution.
> oh yes I can: corrupted stage2 image.

I'm glad you've managed to work that out.
> Thanks for your forbearance; should I report a bug re documentation?

Yes probably want to get it added to the Install Guide - here's how to



Also the release notes PPC beat could be updated:


You probably want to hurry as it's close to freeze.

It's probably only the case for mac keyboards which have the fn key and
greyed out f# keys (by default they do sound, brightness, etc), which
would be iBooks and PowerBooks.  Not sure about older models such as the
Lombard.  Just make that clear in the text.


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