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Re: Virtual consoles, Anaconda and the Macs

Paul Nasrat wrote:
On Sat, 2006-02-11 at 17:51 +0800, John Summerfied wrote:

Powerbook do you have (what's listed in compatible in OF)

The frunt, under the screen says "Powerbook G4." It's a 17" machine, still current I think. There's no additional useful info behind the battery (unless you want the serial number).

OF says, "Apple Powerbook 5,1 1.4.2f1 BootROM nuilt on 02/18/03 at 14:40:21

Yeah that's what I wanted.

I'm not going to swear up and down that I did exactly that before, because the evidence is now against me. However, I certainly _did_ try the fn key in some combinations after your previous email. After I

I just had another play, checking facts for lower down, and it does not seem to work every time.:-\

unplugged everything, inspected its insides, tried another powerbook (didn't even want to boot off the LAN), put it back together, checked its firmware etc etc it now does what it should. One thing I did do different: at yaboot, I said "linux lang=en"

I can agree on "stupid user" if you agree to "insufficent documentation." Ok?

Sounds fair.  It's probably something I do just instinctively on that
system.  I'll conceed that it's not necessarily obvious.

Now, I can what the real problem is, but not (yet) its resolution.

oh yes I can: corrupted stage2 image.

I'm glad you've managed to work that out.

There is a problem right here: Anaconda's mis-diagnosis of the problem was probably the most crucial contributor to my difficulties. It said "unable to retrieve," and that was wrong.

What would have been my chances with a headless install? At work we have an xserv, and I gather not only can they now be bought headless but also without a video card.

tty3 had the correct message, the one Anaconda _should_ have displayed - not entirely clear, but it did nail the mount command.
tty4 explained _why_.

Thanks for your forbearance; should I report a bug re documentation?

Yes probably want to get it added to the Install Guide - here's how to



Also the release notes PPC beat could be updated:


You probably want to hurry as it's close to freeze.

I followed links to find the writer responsible for the area and sent him a note (from a different address!).

the THE RHEL docs need updating too; whether they're supposed to support the Macs or not, I expect the next version to.

There's also the install screen - should be talking about option-tab (I guess), and en explanatory note (for all) wouldn't hurt.

It's probably only the case for mac keyboards which have the fn key and
greyed out f# keys (by default they do sound, brightness, etc), which
would be iBooks and PowerBooks.  Not sure about older models such as the
Lombard.  Just make that clear in the text.

I'n not normally a Mac user (probably part of my problem), I'm supposed to look after the OS X machines at work, along with Linux (relatively speaking my forte) and Windows.

It's nut just computers that like to hate me. Yesterday, I walked past a broom leaning against the wall. I did not touch it. It fell over as I passed it.

Later, I was watering plants in pots under a radio (250V here). I did not touch the wireless, heck I wasn't even close enough. It fell down onto the plants I was watering. Fortunately, no sparks or escaping smoke.


John "the old dog that doesn't want to learn new tricks" Summerfield

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