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Customized DVD not recognized during installation process

Hi there.

I'd like to build my own version of a CentOS 4.2. Here are the steps I did :
#** Tools installation **
yum install anaconda anaconda-runtime mkisofs

#** Creation of the directory which will contains everything **
mkdir /crea
cd /crea

#** Exporting environement variables **
export PYTHONPATH=/usr/lib/anaconda
export PATH="$PATH:/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime"
export CentOSBASE=`pwd`
export MYVER=CentOS42_user_V2
export MYDATE="14/02/2006"
export MYNAME="Responsable n°4 <responsable firm fr>"
export MYREL="$(cat /etc/redhat-release) - Updates au $MYDATE"

#** Creating directory where the original DVD will be copied **
mkdir -p $CentOSBASE/CentOS/i386

#** Creating the directory where my ISO will be generated **
mkdir -p $MYISOS

#** Copying the original DVD to the harddrive **
cd /media/cdrom
tar cf - . | ( cd $CentOSBASE/CentOS/i386 ; tar xpf - )

== I copied here (but not shown), the updated packages, and removed the
old ==

#** First genhdlist **
genhdlist --productpath CentOS $CentOSBASE/CentOS/i386

#** Ordering the list **
pkgorder $CentOSBASE/CentOS/i386 i386 CentOS | tee

#** Construction of the new CentOS **
buildinstall \
        --pkgorder $CentOSBASE/CentOS/pkgfile.$MYVER \
        --version 3 --product "$MYREL" --release "$MYREL" \
        --discs "$MYREL" \
        --prodpath CentOS \
        --comp $MYVER \

#** Removing old hdlist and creating new one **
rm -f $CentOSBASE/CentOS/i386/CentOS/base/hdlist*
genhdlist --withnumbers \
        --fileorder $CentOSBASE/CentOS/pkgfile.$MYVER \
        --productpath CentOS \

#** Defining mkisofs options **
mkisopts="-R -J -T"
bootopts="-no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table"

#** Building the ISO **
cd CentOS
mkisofs $mkisopts $bootopts \
-V "$MYVER - DVD" \
-A "$REL" \
-p "$MYNAME" \
-b "$bootimg" \
-c "$bootcat" \
-x i386/SRPMS \
-o $MYISOS/CentOS-4.2-user-V2-i386-DVD.iso \

I then burn the ISO with K3B. After that, I try to start a new
installation, : I choose the standart installation method, then anaconda
asks me the language I'd like... And then comes the window that says that
the DVD inside the reader is not the good one. I do have a ".discinfo" at
the root of the DVD wich contains :
# cat i386/.discinfo
CentOS release 4.2 (Final) - Updates au 14/02/2006
CentOS release 4.2 (Final) - Updates au 14/02/2006

I certainly made a mistake somewhere... The question is, WHERE? :)

Best regards,

Raphael Berlamont.

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