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Re: Problems with Megaraid_mbox driver

Hi Scott,

The kernel has to have the exact right name to get used for buildinstall, make sure its using the one you think. Also, decompress the appropriate modules tarball to make sure the module is in there.


Scott Sharkey wrote:
Hi All,

I've built a custom CD based on CentOS 4.2 (RHEL clone). An OOB CentOS 4.2 disk will detect the megaraid (Perc4) card in a Dell 1850/2850, and load properly. My version does not. I have checked, and the original shipping kernel for CentOS contains the same megaraid_mbox driver as the updated kernel that is on my CD. Basically, my CD removed some RPMS, and added others for a custom distro. As far as I can see, the proper kernel files are still present (I'm using an unmodified buildinstall script). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to figure out why the new CD says it cannot find an appropriate hard drive to install on?

Is there something specific that would be missing like pcitables, etc?

Thanks for any advice or suggestions.


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