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RE: iscsi install/boot

I passed "linux iscsi"  and now it straight away takes me to iscsi GUI.
I had to statically assign the IP address to my local host system.
After that I gave the IPaddress, initiatorname.  And I see an error box
saying "No drives found - no valid device were found on which to create new file systems", prompting me to click OK.If I do that installation will exit. 

I tried not clicking OK  and run #dmesg  from command prompt. I could see messages -- attached scsi disk, iscsid: connection0:0  is operational now  etc.

The files /mnt/runtime/etc/iscsid.conf and /etc/initiatorname.iscsi are created.

What should I do to proceed the iscsi-installation? Am I using the latest?

-vikas aggarwal

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From: Patrick Mansfield [mailto:patmans us ibm com] 
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2006 4:15 PM
To: Aggarwal, VikasX
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Subject: Re: iscsi install/boot

On Mon, Feb 27, 2006 at 02:03:01PM -0800, Aggarwal, VikasX wrote:
>   By looking at the febraury archive it seems that GUI/text based installation is added to the installer by Patrick Mansfield.
>   Is the  GUI based installation available in above  ISO?  
>   I could see  /usr/sbin/iscsid, /usr/sbin/iscsiadm  and  also there is    scsi_transport_iscsi/iscsi_tcp  in modules.cgz of the ISO I have.
>   Please tell how can I use the GUI based installation to iscsi target. 
>   Or if it available in some different ISO , would appreciate a link to the download area.

Did you include iscsi on the command install line?

Did iscsi text install work or not?

initrd work is still in progress as well as some open-iscsi related
changes - you won't be able to use root on iSCSI yet, you'll just get the
root fs image installed.

Note that the IP address requested is the address for the send target
command, that is usually the same as the iSCSI target address anyway.

I have not verified install from CD or non-network installs (I did not
test selection and start up of networking in those cases for iscsi

There are still some bugs. From the iscsi screen, I have to usually do
a next/prev/next to get the storage to show up - maybe a race with iscsid
and then immediately running iscsiadm, plus there is an issue with scan
returning early in some cases (Mike C. posted some patches to fix the

I have not looked at or specifically tested anything with FC5-test3, I've
been using FC devel on ppc (IBM JS20).

-- Patrick Mansfield

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