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Re: iscsi install/boot

On Mon, Feb 27, 2006 at 04:35:10PM -0800, Aggarwal, VikasX wrote:
> I passed "linux iscsi"  and now it straight away takes me to iscsi GUI.
> I had to statically assign the IP address to my local host system.

What do you mean?

You mean you can't enter a host name there? Yeh ...

> After that I gave the IPaddress, initiatorname.  And I see an error box
> saying "No drives found - no valid device were found on which to create new file systems", prompting me to click OK.If I do that installation will exit. 

Try going prev/next from the partition screen - this might be the problem
I already mentioned. I know Mike C. had some problems, I don't know if he
ever got past the partition screen.

> I tried not clicking OK  and run #dmesg  from command prompt. I could see messages -- attached scsi disk, iscsid: connection0:0  is operational now  etc.
> The files /mnt/runtime/etc/iscsid.conf and /etc/initiatorname.iscsi are created.
> What should I do to proceed the iscsi-installation? Am I using the latest?

(AFAIK/UI) FC devel is the latest.

Again ... you'll just get an install image even if this all works, I hope
that is what you are expecting ;-)

-- Patrick Mansfield

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