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Re: RPM package dir

On Monday 02 April 2007 03:46:47 xxxxxx xxxxx wrote:
> It's me, yet again with a question:
> I noticed things changed with the latest anaconda.
> I think there were some bugs in the older one I had (from earlier march
> 2007), so I decided to upgrade.
> Now, with this version I constantly get "CD was not found".
> The .discinfo is there, and .treeinfo too.
> I THINK it is related since my tree is still:
> Fedora/RPMS
> Fedora/base(/comps.xml)
> Should this be changed?
> If so, how? Cause I could not find an example anywhere.

Did you compose your tree manually?  If so, you need to move all the rpms up a 
level into just Fedora/ and you need to get rid of the base/ directory.  
base/comps.xml was used by buildinstall to create the repodata, however now 
the compose tool needs to create the repodata before buildinstall is ran, and 
it has to reference a comps file wherever it is.  createrepo will copy that 
file into the repodata/ directory.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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