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Re: RPM package dir

On Monday 02 April 2007 11:35:14 ****** ***** wrote:
> > base/comps.xml was used by buildinstall to create the repodata
> So comps.xml is no longer used?

The file in base/ is not used anymore.  A comps file is still needed when you 
do createrepo, but that comps file can live in any location, even outside the 
tree.  Createrepo makes a copy of it in the repodata/ directory in the tree 
and that is what is used by everything.

> > now the compose tool needs to create the repodata before buildinstall is
> > ran, and it has to reference a comps file wherever it is.  createrepo
> > will copy that file into the repodata/ directory.
> So,... what should I do different then?
> I now do:
> createrepo -g Fedora/base/comps.xml .

Change the -g call to a place where you have the comps file you wish to use.

> pkgorder --product="MyDistro" /my/path/fedora/i386 i386 Fedora >
> /my/path/fedora/pkgfile.MYDISTRO

pkgorder is only necessary if you're going to split up the tree onto more than 
one CD/DVD.

> buildinstall --pkgorder /my/path/fedora/pkgfile.MYDISTRO --version 1
> --product "MyDistro" --release "MyDistro" --prodpath Fedora .

--pkgorder is not necessary for buildinstall calls.

> export DISCINF=`head -1 .discinfo`
> createrepo --baseurl="media://$DISCINF" -g Fedora/base/comps.xml .

Again, call -g with another location.

If you're recreating Fedora trees, have you looked at the pungi software?  

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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