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Re: Community ks.cfg directory proposal

--- Greg Morgan <drkludge cox net> wrote:

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> Would a community kick start directory/repository be possible? The
> idea
> is that a body of kick start scripts would be developed by the
> community. 


Thats an emphatic yes.  I've been working on such a system for years
now, though within a framework which

a) can easily take these system dna fingerprints (don't worry, the
genetic metaphor keeps on going... ;) and generate system images.  I.e.
a qemu/vmware system image.

b) can easily transmogrify these system images into other formats. 
I.e. livecds, bootable usbs, payloads for PXE and other network
push/pull installation methods, ...

c) provide the user with the natural conveniences that are desired when
dealing with creating these things.  I.e. read the fedora-livecd-list
archives to see the obvious headaches (can it be easier than rolling
custom rpms+yumrepos to make 'traits' to add to kickstart that don't
fit in %post, can it be easier to deal with local mirrors of yum
repositories, can it be easier to rebrand/relogo the system, etc...)

d) provides automated regression testing for strains/recipes.  I.e.
after easily spawning the generated image, you can virtually boot it
and perform blackbox&glassbox regression tests against it.  I.e. the
vision of a strain/recipe getting daily built against the rawhide repo,
and automatically checked against a suite of regression tests.

Anyway, I don't have any useful contribution yet (my code is horribly
ugly, and my todo list is almost longer than the code).  But I
absolutely think this is the killer app.

Again, yes, yes, and more yes.  In my past sysadmin experiences, the
above tool is what I most would have liked to have.  (considering the
output livecds can be 1-button-non-interactively installable...)

As always, I'll post to fedora-livecd-list when I have code that is
useful, but for now, in the dukenukem spirit, the name of my project is



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