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Not so small list of issues on F7 t3

Hi everyone,

I just installed F7 t3 and I wrote down all the issues and some
comments regarding anaconda.

== On the LiveCD ==

* Can't close livecdinst without rebooting

It asks if it's OK even if it's experimental, I choose to exit, then I
get: Reboot, Cancel. I don't want to reboot, so I Cancel, and I get
back to the original screen.

Clicking the X in the window manager thing doesn't work either.

== In general ==

* Sometimes the GRUB dialog appear, sometimes not

* The netinstall with ftp doesn't work, with http is fine

== From USB key (diskboot.img) ==

* Anaconda asks twice to ignore the USB key device (/dev/sdb)

* It appears anyway as the main device to install to

* If I uncheck it from the list, it's still the main device

* Even if I uncheck it, and select another device as main, the GRUB
dialog still marks it as the device to install to, and the dropdown
box is disabled

* If I go back, GRUB is installed on /dev/sdb anyway, and now the
screen with the devices has nothing on the dropdown for the main
device, and clicking next crashes anaconda:

/iw/autopart_type.py, line 73, in getNext
/gui.py, line 1034, in nextClicked
TypeError: iter must be a GtkTreeIter

That's about it. Also it should be great to be able to just run the
GRUB part, because GRUB is now installed on my USB key instead of my
internal hd =/

Best regards.

Felipe Contreras

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