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[patch] Several patches to process Dogtail testcases in Anaconda

What's in the tar.gz:

* anaconda.process_and_launch_dogtail_script.diff
The biggest patch of all. This adds a --dogtail option to the command
line options for anaconda. Checks all possible conditions specifying a
dogtail script: kickstart, boot cmd line, anaconda cmd line option.
Downloads the script, fork and execute it before anaconda.intf.run().

* gui.py.always_load_a11y.diff
Removed checking for dogtail. Always loads accessibility.

How to properly check if dogtail is required?
import gui happens prior to parsing kickstart data.
I would like to have os.environ["GTK_MODULES"] = "gail:atk-bridge" outside gui.py. Can anybody help me to clean this up?

* installdata.py.save_dogtail_kickstart.diff
Added code that writes the dogtail option to the /root/anaconda-ks.cfg
after install is complete.

* scripts.upd-instroot.dogtail_files.diff
Added code to extract the missing files into stage2.img.
Works fine, already sent to anaconda-devel-list.

These patches are against anaconda-

* pykickstart.data.add_dogtail.diff
* pykickstart.parser.add_dogtail_command.diff
Added dogtail command support for kickstart. You can now add
dogtail <url> in the ks file.
These 2 are posted to Red Hat Bugzilla.
Until they make it to upstream they have to be added to the scripts/upd-instroot

pykickstart rpm version is 0.43-1.el5

Please review these patches.


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