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[Fwd: command for accessible install]

this question looks interesting. I guess anaconda does not support accessible installs at the moment. What are the pros and cons of that? Is there much work to be done except adding some device drivers (e.g. for braille display devices)? This can benefit disabled users and may be done if it requires not too many changes.
What is your opinion here?


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Subject: command for accessible suse install
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 20:26:50 -0400
From: Cody Hurst <churst35 verizon net>
To: gnome-accessibility-list gnome org

Hello al,

  I am looking for the appropriate boot command to use at a suse install
to initialize my braillenote 32's braille display via the serial port
for accessible installation. Any one have this comand or know where I
can find it?


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