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Re: anaconda- performance ...

Alan Milligan wrote:
John Summerfield wrote:

Create an archive on disk and do an http install to match the one you've done. One hopes you're using kickstart, and if not, that you will:-)
Strangely, I was experiencing real problems setting up the NIC to do http installs. But these don't need an archive disk/iso image they're expecting a file layout as per the iso. However, I'm serving these up with Zope which isn't necessarily the quickest thing on the planet, and sticking Squid in front of it isn't going to do much for one-off requests...
The time taken for that is useful, but not the point. Analyse the webserver logs and use the information there to create a file for mkisofs so you can specify the file order.

I don't quite understand why I should do this. I already have a perfectly good pkgorder.txt and know what the file order will be ...

You do? It's quite a while since I last mastered images, but then there was no useful ordering of packages, it just took them until the next one didn't fit, and then started a new image. I don't recall that the order they were in the ISO image had anything to do with the install order, and my belief in this is supported by complaints from folk who didn't know to run genhdlist twice, and then found they needed to swap CDs too often.

And then there are files that are not packages. Apache logs them all, in the actual order that they are installed.

Create a new dvd image, and install from that.

Report on the difference, I've long been curious about this, but never enough to do some kind of benchmark.

I'd be interested to know the time for each of the three; wristwatch measurement is fine.

I actually think that yum's causing quite a few of these problems whilst we await a higher performance version to land. I'm still surprised at the length of time taken to unpack the RPM packages - I can't imagine why there'd be major changes in the RPM libraries/Python bindings that could cause this.

I'm sure yum is a serious problem, ever since it took me over 12 hours to upgrade my laptop from FC3 to FC5 I've been convinced of that, but I don't think it's the only problem.

I'm a couple of days away from doing any more testing unfortunately. While I can't retest these upgrades, I will post some qemu install results - hopefully I can get the kemu accelerator working as it's even more glacial than the above ;)



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