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Re: PATCH: Anaconda & Kadischi installer, graphical mode

Jeremy Katz wrote:
On Tue, 2007-04-24 at 02:12 -0500, Jasper Hartline wrote:
Here is a patch against anaconda- which I've created which allows Anaconda to be run in it's graphical mode, while inside a LiveCD, when doing LiveCD to HDD installs.
Since we pass an http:// or ftp:// URL to Anaconda, it's traditional setting
was to use TUI mode. I've tested this and it seems to work OK.

The only other solution I could think of, whether the patch is accepted or not is to actually check for the presence of a "/.livecd" file in the root of the environment we are running in, this would eliminate having to check flags.rootpath, and give finer grained control. Not knowing the route Anaconda is going to take in light of Pilgrim, and since we don't
use the already existant flags.livecd, I've provided both patches.

Why not just pass --graphical to anaconda like the loader does?
Alright, I feel sort of strange now.
Kadischi used to actually pass --graphical by default if --text was not passed.
Somehow this was removed from kadischi.py.

I will retest this issue, and make Kadischi send --graphical as default when no display.opts is sent from Kadischi.
I totally overlooked this expecting it to still be there.

J. Hartline

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