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Running anaconda from a live system

Hello everyone,

I've been trying to run Anaconda "live" on an existing Fedora F7 system (/dev/sda) for the purpose of installing F8 from /dev/scd0 (DVD) onto ANOTHER hard drive (/dev/sdb).

After doing "yum install anaconda", I am able to fire up /usr/sbin/anaconda from inside X11 on the F7 system, and it works fine up to a point where anaconda cannot find the installation dvd. The dvd is available at /dev/scd0 and also mounted at /mnt/cdrom0 for good measure.

I tried various --method=cdrom, --method=hd:/mnt/cdrom0 , exportfs the /mnt/cdrom0 then -method=nfs:/mnt/cdrom0, and so on. In each case anaconda complains that it does not find an installation medium. This occurs late in the flow, after I'm done setting up partitions (I think right at the point where package selection is about to start.)

1. Is there any hope I'll be able to do what I want, i.e. install from live system? 2. if yes, how do I get anaconda to use /dev/scd0 and find the installation data?

I realize people may think doing such a live install is strange, but I'm having unrelated trouble with installing from a booted dvd, and would like to do a "live install" to ease debugging of what is going on. I also think it might be a useful method in general when
upgrading a system, so please bear with me.

Thanks for any suggestions you might collectively have.


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