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Re: unexpected behavior in anaconda

yes There is a USB storage connected to the box.
when installing os on the box,
normally the /etc/modprobe.conf is like this,
@ alias scsi_hostadapter mptbase
@ alias scsi_hostadapter1 mptsas
@ alias scsi_hostadapter2 usb-storage
But on EL4 U5 ,it becomes
@ alias scsi_hostadapter usb-storage
@ alias scsi_hostadapter1 mptbase
@ alias scsi_hostadapter2 mptsas

could anyone help me with what determines the order of drivers?what
should I do if I want to make sure the usb-storage is inserted the


2007/12/5, David N. Lombard <dnl speakeasy net>:
> 石磊 wrote:
> > hi,
> > After I installed enterprise linux R4U5-x86_64 on a Dell 1950,the two
> > hard drivers are shown as sdb and sdc(before the installation they are
> > sda and sdb).
> > I have no idea how this change occurs.Could anyone give me some advice?
> Perhaps you had a USB floppy or some other USB device that claimed sda
> during the install?
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