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Anaconda multipath patch


Anaconda (anaconda- shipped with RHEL5 U1 supports root on
multipath installation. It also supports iSCSI device discovery. But it
doesn't support the iSCSI devices to be listed as multipathed devices
and thus limits a "root on multipath - iSCSI" solution.

I have created patch for above problem. Please find attached patch.
After applying patch I am able to see iSCSI devices as multipathed
devices and do a root installation on an iSCSI
multipathed device.

Earlier, DiskSet.mpList was only being checked against "None" condition,
but list can even be empty. So if DiskSet.mpList is [], multipath code
never used to execute and because of that, multipath devices were never
being created.

Patch provides solution by checking both conditions, None and [].

You can refer following bugzilla for the same.
Redhat bugzilla no :  391951 : root on multipath (iSCSI) not supported
in Anaconda



--- partedUtils.py.org	2007-11-18 13:04:25.000000000 +0530
+++ partedUtils.py	2007-11-19 18:50:27.000000000 +0530
@@ -603,7 +603,7 @@
     def startMPath(self):
         """Start all of the dm multipath devices associated with the
-        if not DiskSet.mpList is None:
+        if not DiskSet.mpList is None and DiskSet.mpList.__len__() > 0:
         log.debug("starting mpaths")

Attachment: ananconda_partedUtils.patch
Description: ananconda_partedUtils.patch

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