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Change to GPLv2+

Update license boilerplates to GPLv2+ ("or any later version").  This was
discussed by myself and Jeremy a while ago off list.  My concern is needing
anaconda to link with things that may be or will become incompatible with
our current GPLv2 only license for anaconda.  Perfect example is GNU parted,
which is now GPLv3 (not my fault!  I'm just the messenger!).

We seemed to agree it was doable for anaconda, but someone needed to sit down
and actually update all of the source files with new license boilerplates.

I have now done that.  What to expect besides a huge number of patches:

1) All Makefiles, shell scripts, *.py, *.c, and *.h source files now have a
   uniform GPLv2+ license boilerplate.

2) The physical address of the FSF is removed and replaced with an HTTP
   URL.  The FSF now prefers this to the physical address in the boiler
   plate text.

3) Year ranges on copyright statements are expanded to list each individual
   year.  Ranges aren't valid per FSF legalites, so each year has to be
   listed explicitly.  I don't really understand the need to list more than
   one year, but I'm not here to ask that question.

4) Any author names and email addresses have been moved to the Red Hat
   Author(s) list under the license boilerplate.

5) The license boilerplate notes we are licensed under GPL version 2 or at
   your option any later version.

6) Code that we are using that did not write I just left alone.  For example,
   the gptsync directory.

Questions or comments, send them my way.

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