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[PATCH]Remove Release note

Hi, all

Does anyone know why the codes which are related to "release
note" were removed ?


If we remove release note codes, I think we also remove one line
in language_gui.py.

thank you,
diff --git a/iw/language_gui.py b/iw/language_gui.py
index 40910a1..25e9443 100644
--- a/iw/language_gui.py
+++ b/iw/language_gui.py
@@ -39,9 +39,6 @@ class LanguageWindow (InstallWindow):
-        # Need to reload the release notes file in case we've changed languages
-        self.ics.getICW().rnv.load()
         return None
     def listScroll(self, widget, *args):

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