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Re: Change to GPLv2+

On Sat, 2007-12-15 at 23:20 -1000, David Cantrell wrote:
> Update license boilerplates to GPLv2+ ("or any later version").  This was
> discussed by myself and Jeremy a while ago off list.  My concern is needing
> anaconda to link with things that may be or will become incompatible with
> our current GPLv2 only license for anaconda.  Perfect example is GNU parted,
> which is now GPLv3 (not my fault!  I'm just the messenger!).

Also, I've discussed privately with people who have made what could be
considered a "significant contribution" from a copyright point of view
and they approved as well. 

> 4) Any author names and email addresses have been moved to the Red Hat
>    Author(s) list under the license boilerplate.

I'd rather not have it as "Red Hat Authors" just because that's going to
make things more complicated with non Red Hat contributors.  I'd rather
just see it as Authors or left out altogether

Otherwise, let's get this monster in


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