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Re: [PATCH (stage1)] Rework module loading

Jeremy Katz (katzj redhat com) said: 
> > > While not great or perfect, it's commonly used.  It's also used quite a
> > > bit for people that want to load drivers in a specific order so their
> > > drives show up with specific names.
> > > 
> > > Also, it looks like we lost the late load of modules for loading the
> > > various fiberchannel stuff last.
> > 
> > Drive ordering is ephemeral. LABEL=/UUID= is your friend.
> LABEL/UUID don't really help when you have blank disks that you're just
> installing on for the first time...

It's not like the UI would be that much better with the FC disks loaded later -
there would still be 5 billion of them in the dropdown. They could certainly
be blacklisted.

> > > Crap, that's a pretty sizable overhead.  I wonder if there's a chance of
> > > getting some support in module-init-tools for some form of "keeping
> > > modules around in a compressed form" :-/
> > 
> > You can gzip modules. That cuts it down to 14.9MB. Note that there's no
> > firmware on either this or the F8 disc, and that's not going to be compressed
> > once it's added.
> gzip it is then!  And actually, the firmware can be compressed, at least
> as long as we're using our own firmware loader.  And then if we want to
> switch away from our firmware loading, then we can add support for
> compressed firmware to the udev firmware loader.

Once you add all the qlogic & wireless firmware, it's not going
to be small even when compressed.


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