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Re: [PATCH (stage1)] Rework module loading

Jeremy Katz (katzj redhat com) said: 
> > It's not like the UI would be that much better with the FC disks loaded later -
> > there would still be 5 billion of them in the dropdown. They could certainly
> > be blacklisted.
> It doesn't necessarily help the UI, but it helps with kickstart.  A lot.
> Losing this would be a major regression from the point of view of a lot
> of large customers

It's still an odd special case, declaring that 4 specific drivers are
so much different than anything else that they need ordering rules
applied to them. If this is so important, why don't we do all module
loading via internal-to-MB-then-slot order, in all cases?

> > Once you add all the qlogic & wireless firmware, it's not going
> > to be small even when compressed.
> All the more reason to compress things.  Also, we might be able to get
> away with removing firmware and maybe even modules after we've gotten to
> the second stage to get back some of the memory overhead here

Removing all modules means you can't do things like dynamically add usb
devices for saving tracebacks, mounting nfs filesystems for debugging, etc.
(Which is not to say you couldn't remove *some* modules.)


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