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Re: pungi ignores a lot of RPMs when building CD image

Hello All,

I got it! but, it is very strange... ;-))

I debugged the pkgorder script and found the following:
* At the routine 'processTransaction()' the complete lists of
dependencies is available, then it calls the routine
printMatchingPkgs() to print the packages to standard, after it has
checked that they are available.
* The filemask that is passed to printMatchingPkgs() through
'fpattern', is build up as follows: <os-dir>/Product/package*. Where
Product starts with a capital, but my product_name in the pungi
configuration does NOT star with a capital. So, the product-dir in the
os-dir does not start with a capital. So, no dependency files can be
found, leaving a os-disc1 with just a few files in it...

I searched through the entire tree several times, but nowhere I have
listed the productname with a capital, so this capital must be
introduced by the tooling itself ! (Fedora also starts with a
capital... Redhat also, and probably other distros using anaconda

So, to be able to build a customised CD, you must use a product_name
in Pungi that starts with a capital. I have changed this in my build
environment and now it works!

I believe the problem is introduced by collecting the dependencies in
the routine addGroups() -> ds.ResolveDeps() in the pkgorder script.

For me it is going to deep in the external tooling, which I do not
fully understand yet how they work. Maybe someone else recognises this
phenomenon and can pick it up from here?
Or if someone can give me some tips on this, I can look further into it...

Kind Regards,

Remy Bohmer

2007/2/2, Remy Bohmer <mythtv bohmer gmail com>:
Hello All,

I renamed all my groups to 'core', 'base', 'base-x' and
'development-tools', and it does not make any difference... So, I
believe it is not only related to the group naming in the comps
file... I am going to debug this some more today.

If anyone has a good idea about this, please let me know.

Kind Regards,


2007/2/1, Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com>:
> On Thursday 01 February 2007 05:40, Remy Bohmer wrote:
> > Attached are the results of this command:
> > /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/pkgorder
> > /home/me/cdbuildtree/results/myrelease/i386/os i386 myproduct
> >
> > I replaced 'myproduct' with 'Fedora'. No differences.
> > The produced list is exactly like the list of RPM's in my os-disc1-
> > directory. Thus, much too short...
> >
> > Does this give you some new ideas?
> It would appear that pkgorder doesn't know about the other groups you have in
> your comps file perhaps.  pkgorder is just a python script, I'd poke at it
> and see how it figures out the order, and see if perhaps you need to change
> your group names in comps.
> --
> Jesse Keating
> Release Engineer: Fedora

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