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Re: pungi ignores a lot of RPMs when building CD image

On Monday 05 February 2007 11:53, Remy Bohmer wrote:
> For some reason pkgorder is really stubborn, and still mixes up the
> productname by changing the first letter of several packages. It does
> not matter where the packages come from, either from the orignal
> FC6-DVD , or from the FC6-Updates repo, or from my custom repo. Even
> if I build without my own repo, does not matter.
> Notice that a bug in pkgorder does not even tell anybody if it can
> find a package at all, it just continuous, resulting in an incomplete
> CD-image...
> So, does anyone know how the location of a package is determined in
> pkgorder? (I mean the relative path inside a repo, with the product
> name)
> It does NOT read it from Pungi configuration file (Tried to change it
> completely, no result)
> Tried to change the product name on the commandline of pkgorder -> no
> result either...
> So, nowhere in my tree I can find the wrong productname, and neither
> does any change of any product_name setting help.
> I really hope, someone can help me out here... I am starting to get
> quite desperate about these tools... :-((

Er, Are you putting packages into different directories under os/ ?  I'm 
pretty sure that the way pungi is designed, all your packages would (by 
default) go under os/Fedora/   ALL packages, regardless of what repository 
they come from.  Are you getting multiple product dirs somehow?  I'm 
seriously having a hard time figuring out how you're getting to this stage.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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