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initscripts missing from pkgorder file

Hi all,

I'm trying to build a distro based on FC6. I have a set of scripts which I've been using to do this though fc4, fc5 (had to make major modifications, to cater for no more genhdlist, etc), and now fc6.

My activities normally look like this:

1. Copy raw FC dvd into working directory.
2. Run my scripts to generate an ISO from raw FC rpms (this is to test that my tools work against lattest anaconda and anaconda-runtime) 3. If above generates a valid FC iso I can install, proceed to replace RPMS and edit comps file
4. Run scripts to generate customized distro.

So far all the steps work without errors, but the resulting distro has issues. The boot process would hang before the kernel finished booting.

After some troubleshooting (i restarted in the rescue mode of my derived dvd). I discovered:

  1. There was no initrd image
  2. There was no mkinitrd installed
  3. There was no initscripts installed.

Trying to troubleshoot that, and it appears I can't find mkinitrd and initscripts in the pkgorder file generated.

Trying to find out why, I ran into a reference to whiteout.py via Googling and notice that pkgorder seems to use yuminstall.YumOrder (which uses whiteout.py to ignore some packages) I'm not fully sure what's going on there, but I'm suspecting that maybe I'm missing out a package that is making other packages be ignored. (theres a line in whiteout.py that says: initscripts>kernel-smp, but i don't have kernel-smp built when i build for i686 from the spec file.)

Anyways, I'm kinda not sure where to look right now, so I'm asking for pointers and possibly someone will know exactly where i've monkeyed up stuff.

Any tips very appreciated.


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