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/bin/sh not found

Hi all:

Been working on anaconda for almost a month and I have used the shell that is on tty2 to look at log messages and whatnot. On Friday the shell simply stopped working. I tried to look for it in tty2 and it wasn't there. At first I thought it was the type of installation, so I decided to kickstart it into text mode. Didn't help at all. I entered the pythons debuger to see if I could find anything interesting: 1. The os.access("/bin/sh", os.F_OK) returned False & and the os.access("/sbin/sh", os.F_OK) returned False as well. 2. When I os.listdir("/bin") it lists sh as being inside the directory, this also happens with os.listdir("/sbin"). 3. Looked at the anacdump.txt and saw an ERROR that read "cannot open shell - /bin/sh doesn't exist."

I'm pretty sure that the ERROR message is from the loader.c file but have no clue as to way the /bin/sh is not found. Moreover seems very strange that the os.listdir() lists the file and the os.access() does not see it. Anyone know a way out :(
any comment is greatly appreciated


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